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A Lance For Humanity by Peter Byrne – Afghanistan CameraOscura Book Review

A Lance For Humanity by Peter Byrne – Afghanistan CameraOscura Book Review Torsello, Gabriele: Afghanistan CameraOscura 2011, KASH GT, Alessano, Italy, ISBN 978-88-906173-0-0, 180 color photos, 320 pages, €35. (An English language version of the Italian edition is in preparation.) (Swans – April 23, 2012)   There’s something wrong in calling Gabriele Torsello a freelance. He had … Continue reading

The Heart of Kashmir

THE HEART OF KASHMIR BOOK REVIEWS   Millions of words have been written about the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan in which thousands of people have lost their lives. Now comes a book with a hundred or so pictures that tells a story of its own.’ Tony Allison, Asia Times   […] Afhanistan is likely destined for … Continue reading